Internal Concrete Finishes

Concrete Colour Solutions has a number of solutions for renovating or colouring internal concrete areas. The beauty of concrete floors is the tremendous design versatility they offer. Concrete floors can be coloured or stained to match your colour scheme and with a broad range of application methods you can create unique finishes that resemble tiles, marble, slate and timber.

A coated concrete floor is easy to maintain when applied to properly prepared floor surfaces. They can endure heavy foot traffic, they are stain and moisture resistant, and they won’t harbor mould, mildew, allergens or dust mites.

Concrete Colour Solutions also offers a vast range of floor coatings including epoxies and urethanes and have many solutions for factory workshops, warehouses, commercial floors and food areas.

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Example of Polymer Flooring concrete coating process in a wood grain texture

A wood grain texture is applied to concrete

Applying coating tints to stains

After Coating

Polymer Flooring is applied to an existing concrete base then the required texture is applied. Tints and stains can be applied in many different ways to achieve different looks and colour combinations. By using different trowelling and colouring techniques you can create finishes that simulate traditional marble, sandstone, tiles and wood grain textures.

Florentina Spray Stone

Florentina Spray Stone is a magnificent decorative coating with the appearance and texture of natural granite stone, suitable for interior and exterior  concrete flooring surfaces. Florentina Spray Stone provides for a stunning stone look without compromise. A remarkably hardwearing and non-porous overlay it is resistant to dirt, mould, grime and other contaminants and is guaranteed to transform your concrete floor surface into an absolutely elegant and eye catching masterpiece.

Florentina Spray Stone offers an exceptionally distinctive solution for flooring projects in new construction, residential, commercial and renovation where durability, stylishness and easy maintenance are essential. Available in six enchantingly wonderful colour choices you can be the master of your very own pièce de résistance.

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Galaxy Metallic Pigments

Galaxy Metallic pigments can be used to make a unique customised floor.
This modern look can be achieved by using an epoxy system which allows multi tone pattern. Different techniques are use to create desired effect such as a starry night or water swirls.
CCS Galaxy Metallic pigments can be applied to any internal new or existing concrete floor, such as offices, restaurants, showrooms, retail precincts, hotel foyers, cellar doors and residential living areas.
For shop fit-outs, manufacturing or areas where quick construction turn around is required, CCS Galaxy Metallic pigments can be used with CCS Rapid Floor polyaspartic coating and be ready for pedestrian service the next day.

Galaxy Epoxy Flake Flooring Video