Concrete Formwork & Accessories

Concrete Colour Solutions provides a wide range of formwork and accessories for all your domestic, commercial and industrial needs.


Concrete Colour Solutions supplies a large range of formwork and accessories including edge form boards, hardwood/steel pegs, rebate brackets and kerb bows.

Formwork is an important part of concreting and at Concrete Colour Solutions we only stock quality products including waffle pod and accessories, edgeform boards, hardwood / steel pegs, rebate bracket and kerb bows.

Pier Liners/Formtubes

Pier Liners/FormtubesPier liners/formtubes are used in the forming of foundation piers, void forming and any applications needing external crush resistance.
Please contact Concrete Colour Solutions for standard diameters and wall thickness.

Column /Architectural (Smooth Finish) Tubes

Column tubes can be in a spiral finish or to achieve a smoother, higher standard of surface finish on the concrete column, a durable plastic liner can be inserted within the metal or plastic form/column tube.

Class 1 – 2 finishes are possible with lined plastic or metal column tube. Although this depends on the concrete properties and installation methods used.

Once stripped, this minimises rendering, and should be used in areas where attention to detail is required.
Please note with the wrapped tube a high quality finish may not be achieved at the jointing point.

Column / Architectural (Smooth Finish) Tubes

Pier liners/formtubes/column formers are avaliable in cardboard, metal or plastic and come in stock lengths of 4m, or alternatively they can be cut to suit your job requirements.

Concrete Colour Solutions can provide a variety of diameters and shapes of tubes, they can be tapered, sloped and even wrapped where top fitting is not available.

Delivery to your job site can be arranged promptly otherwise they can be picked up in store.

Suspended Floor Systems

Concrete Colour solutions can supply Lysaght BONDEK® which is a proven solution for suspended floor and ceiling systems.
BONDEK® is a highly efficient, versatile and robust formwork, reinforcement and ceiling system for concrete slabs. It is a profile steel sheeting widely accepted by the building and construction industry to offer efficiency and speed of construction.

Excellent spanning capacities for greater strength and less deflection
Acts as permanent formwork with minimal propping and no stripping of formwork is required
Fast and easy to install (590mm wide) with less handling required
Works as composite slab saving on concrete and reinforcement costs
Ribs at 200mm centres creating a safe working platform with slip resistant embossments
Advanced design for fire resistance
New BONDEK® software gives added flexibility and ease of design
Increased unsupported spans of BONDEK® sheeting
Design & detailing should be carried out by a qualified structural engineer.