Stencil Patterned Concrete (for new wet concrete)

What is Stencil Patterned Concrete?

It is a cement based colour hardener, which when correctly applied to concrete can give the appearance of rustic bricks, tiles and other similar type finishes. It comes in a variety of colours and texture grades and is used for stencil, stamp or plain coloured concrete.

How thick is the product?

The product is applied approximately 2-3mm thick on to the surface of the concrete. It is normally applied in two steps to ensure that maximum colour hardener strength is achieved.

Is it slip resistant?

Slip resistance is largely determined by the final finish. There are many techniques used to create a slip resistant surface. Please discuss these with your contractor, to ensure that you get the finish best suited for your site and requirements.

Will the colour fade?

The pigments used are inorganic metal oxides, which are extremely UV and chemical resistant. A maximum of 5% shading variation may occur over a period of 5 years. However, this is barely detectable to the human eye. The application of a UV sealer will aid in retarding the fading process.