Pool Coatings

Designerite Beadcrete pool rendering/resurfacing systems can be used to create an amazing new pool or it can breathe life back into your old concrete pool.

There are many combinations of glass and pebble to can choose to create your pool. As water has a blue hue to it we can create a stunning blue pool or if blue is not for you there are many more combinations to choose from such as greens or black.

Designerite Beadcrete may be installed by any qualified and experienced pool interior tradesperson subject to proper workmanship practices required of the product.

Listed below are general guidance points regarding application of Beadcrete:

May be sprayed and trowelled, mixed and barrowed or with use of a bell mixer
Applied to the pool shell at a thickness of not less than 8mm – 10mm
Water exposed, similar to pebblecrete, appropriately timed after initial set
Acid washed to final finish – uniformity & clarity of glass exposure process
Caution: Avoid acid-washing techniques and construction practices contrary to advice given in the Beadcrete Application Guide that may or will result in over-exposure of the glass aggregate to the point of materials separation.