Full Depth Coloured Concrete

Points to remember when using Full Depth Pigments:

  • Cement water ratio to be exactly the same for all batches, no free water can be added at any stage as this will cause uneven colour.
  • Applying water to aid with trowelling will also cause uneven colour.
  • If you trowel in the early stages this will cause bleed water which also creates colour variations.
  • Most tests have been completed using normal 25MPA concrete. Colour may vary if a lower or higher MPA concrete is used.
  • Slump should not exceed 120mm and must be consistent between loads.
  • Be aware of inconsistent curing eg. Parts in shade and other areas in sun.
  • Do not overwork the concrete in early stages of the slab and wait for bleed water to evaporate from surfaces before finishing. Ensure the finish is consistent eg. If you trowel an area in shade then go back later and trowel again you could create an uneven colour.
  • An even broom finish seems to leave better colour consistency as well as creating a key for sealer to adhere.
  • If a same day sealer is not applied, leave 28 days before sealing.
  • Final colour is not accurately represented in comparison to the colour chart until the concrete has been acid washed & sealed in accordance with guidelines & allowed to cure for 28 days